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The Safari Tub

Your anywhere SPA life quality hack
Soon on Kickstarter

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Sign up for the kickstarter launch list and get monthly information and updates about the project. One subscriber every week will get a free Safari Tub prototype to hopefully help us improve the product with feedback and Instagram SPA magic. What are you waiting for?

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First glimpse

A safari dream come true

Made in Kenya

Every part of the Safari tub is made in the land of the safari - Kenya. With tourism down due to Covid, some of the worlds top tent makers are without work. This is the perfect occasion to to fulfill a life long dream and at the same time contribute to the economy. The tub is produced in the outskirts of Nairobi and tested on the savannah as well as in the cold Nordic climate.

The tub - Maji Moto

The tub is made of PVC canvas on the inside and top quality textile fabric on the outside for the perfect look and quality. The tub is easily disassembled thanks to use of velcro and the wooden frame folds up for storage. The tub comes with a 5m hose that is used both for filling from standard shower connectors and for emptying.

For the kids - Maji Mtoto

For the kickstarter campaign we're planning to launch a kids version of the tub in miniature. Perfect for small bathrooms, family SPA time or for a hot summer day in the garden. If this is something you'd love to have, please use the contact form below to tell us why and get a chance to win one of the first prototypes.

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